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Long Covid at Two Years

I had hoped I would not be writing about this again after another year, but here we are reaching the two-year mark of my long Covid symptoms starting. Three days after that in 2022, I would be reading the positive Covid lab test through CVS and Sonora Quest. I never expected two of the symptoms, chronic fatigue and brain fog, would continue to be ongoing at this point. Since last year’s reflection on the first year of my Long Covid, there have been a lot of doctor appointments, tests and…

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Every Show Joe Says Go! 6-21-2024

Had a little fun, and took a little longer to edit this one, but enjoy another good June week of show suggestions in and around Phoenix this week! Featuring Katie Mae and the Lubrication’s new one, “To Live and Die (In Phoenix).” Friday 21 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted) Saturday 22 Sunday 23 Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Friday 28

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