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A Night Celebrating New Dadadoh and Spicy Mayo

Album releases are celebrations of the culmination of all the work musicians put in to writing, finding the right chords, and putting it down into fully mixed and produced recordings. These days the albums come in various formats from purely digital to the resurgence of vinyl and cassettes to the lumbering on CD. Now one release is an already party, imagine when two want to get together to celebrate two new albums. Well, Spicy Mayo and Dadadoh and the POC decided to do that. They brought me to the art…

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They Did It Their Way

This is where the obvious pun, all good things must come to an end probably sits. It was a night where a band who only popped up about two years ago is saying goodbye. However, in this case they are doing it on their terms. The words said through the night make it sound like Exxxtra Crispy benefited members of the band greatly. It helped a couple members through a few hurdles that life before and through the band’s life had presented to them. With the help of a lineup…

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The 2017 Top 10 of the Arizona Locals

I’ll say it here, for all the complaints people have for 2017, and I have a couple of my own, the Arizona music scene is strong. They are killing it in this last year. It made my choices tough. Fighting the urge to make it the longest list since 2016, I have cut it down to my top 10 local Phoenix and Arizona band albums. You can see my genre of preference in it, but I’m sure you will find surprises. So without further adieu… Alex Squared “Mexican Fishing Tricks”…

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