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Looking Back: Teek Hall and Open Mike Eagle

Welcome to a potential series of post going through old concert photos that I may not have posted or perhaps were posted by only the artist previously. This is born out of long haul Covid, and the chronic fatigue it has caused me, continuing to handicap my ability to get out like I used to. So while stuck home more right now, I can highlight more of my favorite musicians I have managed to see live and capture that maybe not everyone saw the results of.

In this case, I went back to November 2018 and took another look at photos from when Teek Hall, one of my favorite Phoenix rap artists, asked if I wanted to take photos of his upcoming set. There was an appearance from Mega Ran, who was how I was first introduced to Teek, during Teek Hall’s set too. I went in truly blind not knowing anyone after Teek’s set. I did not look up any music of Open Mike Eagle or Pan Amsterdam. However, because of that it made it more blind blowing when I finally was watching them. Additionally, there was Video Dave, who not only does the great visuals behind Mike, but did his own little monolog accompanied by his digital work before the last set. It made more sense why it was so cool for Teek to be opening for them. Plus, like I am inclined to do when I see an artist I like, I snapped a few shots of their sets. It was a wonderful night of hip hop in the north end of the just remodeled area of Sun Devil Stadium, called the Coca Cola Sun Deck. Thank you again to Teek Hall for inviting me to do that along with introduced me to more amazing hip hop and be sure to check out all of these artist’s fantastic work.

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