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Punk In The Arizona Waterpark

I have spent over a year watching live music through a computer monitor, my phone and occasionally on my TV. Due to the spread of Covid 19, live events were put on pause to try to reduce the spread. While for me, I have enjoyed the live streamed events and the more intimate interactions I have got with musicians it just wasn’t the same for many. It wasn’t the same as the energy you get from a room of friends made through the love of belting those lyrics back at…

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A Miles to Nowhere Practice

The past over ten months has been the longest I’ve gone without physical live music in over a decade. It has been a more insular time as trying to quarantine due to Covid 19, mask up when I go grocery shopping or anywhere near others, and where we have had to go to other outlets to get that music fix. For me, that outlet has been the thousands of musician and concert streams that have been organized or simply on a whim gone live the past ten plus months. One…

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Every Show Joe: A Documentary Project

Can’t say enough how humbled I am, that my friend Meredith put together her college documentary project on Every Show Joe. That’s a first documentary I know to focus on anything about me. It features members of Playboy Manbaby, The Venomous Pinks, Reason Unknown, Bear Ghost, and, heck, even Chris Murray. Hopefully you check it out!

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