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Making Twenty Five Look Magical

There are life’s moments that are absolute in needing to celebrate. Moments that show how magical it is when two people come together and over the long stretch continue to show that magic. For two friends, Jason and Marla, this night at the Trunk Space was a celebration of their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. With their love of one another, the festivities brought that together with their love of local music. For the intimate occasion, they invited a few of their local favorites, Wallace Hound, Spicy Mayo, and this mysterious band the flyer called Yay Bobby Napalm. The three bands were wrapped around a ceremony with both Jason and Marla once again exchanging updated vows for this special night.

Up first was a band I am happy to finally get to tell you about on this website, Wallace Hound. Born a little over a year ago, this band brings together members of Aura May, Go Outside and the late Audrey Heartburn for another fantastic sound of their talents. When imagining their sound, if you haven’t seen them before, think a little blues and soul with math rock. It is a blending of the music influences of their other bands.

Lead vocals seem to blend and alternate between Sophia, Justin, on one guitar, and Bailey, on bass. It is done with enthusiasm and flair, from the stylish outfits to their passion performing. Since I first saw them play a Fourth of July house show in 2021, their sound has melded together better and improved. While I mourn the passing of Audrey Heartburn, Wallace Hound has done a fantastic job filling the void left and creating a new favorite band I love to catch play.

Then we hit the Spicy Mayo portion of this night. However, after the first song we took a little break to bring out our happy, long married couple. They walked out and were introduced by Bryan, also known as Dadadoh. Marla would go first reading her words for Jason as friends and family looked on. Many wearing smiles as they listened to the wonderful words. Next Jason took on the microphone reading his own prepared words from his phone. There did not seem to be a dry eye by this point between the two with happy smiles shared between. They finished with an endearing kiss and look into each other’s eyes in embrace. In another nice touch after the set was finished, there was a non-gender specific little bouquet toss. After twenty-five years, we can only hope to have a lasting relationship like both Jason and Marla continue to show.

From here Spicy Mayo congratulated them and continued with what they do best, playing punk rock music. It was your high on personality and bouncing around performance from the entire band. To single out anyone showcasing that more than anyone else in this band is hard. Everyone in that band, from Daniel to Dadadoh, look like they are loving every minute of being on that stage. Occasionally Dallas, lead vocals and saxophone, did leave that stage to just more directly perform with the dancing crowd.

Later in the set, he did a Spicy Mayo show tradition to do everyone’s favorite late night talk show. This part includes randomly selecting a crowd member for a fun and impromptu interview. As for the set, we had songs from across their latest release and first release including once again the story about getting rid of his therapist. Spicy Mayo, born from the ashes of Exxxtra Crispy, channels this rawness in lyrics and sound that continues to be one of my favorite bands to see these days.

Last up was the band the flier called Yay Bobby Napalm, but if you are good at anagrams might figure out another name. An obvious favorite for our celebrating couple, because in all my time attending shows of this particular band, I always see Marla and Jason somewhere in attendance. It was only fitting that the headliner for their special day would be this band. The setlist was tuned to their favorite songs, including that of “I Love Myself” and “Cadillac Car.”

Robbie, lead vocals, told an awesome anecdote of playing a larger festival, with bands they normally haven’t played with and on a larger stage than they were used to. While he was getting an uneasy feeling of concern of if people would show up for them, he saw in front of the stage Jason and Marla standing there waiting for their set. They eventually would be joined by more as the other band finished and they started their set. It was a perfect story to show exactly how much support they have given this band over the years. It makes perfect sense that they would be here to support Jason and Marla’s special night celebrating twenty-five years together.

Of course, for me, the night was further bolstered by seeing friends and favorite bands for the first time in about a month or so. I was powering through the chronic fatigue that my latest Covid case has left me at home, resting most of the past month. I left exhausted, but so happy to have been a part of this night and their special occasion. One more time to close this, happy anniversary to Jason and Marla.

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