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The Circle Jerks Celebrate 40 Years of Group Sex

Punk Rock has been around a long time in the realm of music. Grown out of garage rock and birthing bands you idolize and just wish you could get to see. Unfortunately, many on that mantel will stay there as the chances of them back together are slim to none or the world has lost members to their passing. However, we get lucky and are fortunate enough to see members come back together to celebrate an anniversary or just because they missed it. This brings us to the Circle Jerks…

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Warped Tour: Part Two

Onto part two of the longest time I’ve spent attending a Warped Tour in over a decade of going. This brings with it a band that brought controversy after the Phoenix stop, two bands from across a body of water, and a whole lot of energy across the entire six. This is part two of an amazing day of music and one of the best Warped Tours for me in a few years. Starting off right where I left off in part 1, we come to the Dickies. They are…

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