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Subhumans Return to Rebel Lounge

There are staples of every genre. The bands that are your must see whenever they come to town. They inspire and put on awesome performance after performance with every visit. They are equally bands who have been doing it since the early days of their genre that you look up to. The band I’m talking about that fits the bill here is the Subhumans. This marked their first visit back to the desert since before things shutdown in 2020. With Subhumans, we had local favorites, Skull Drug, to kick off…

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Putting the Politics In Punk

I’ve seen it mentioned that with the current political climate, starting from 2016’s election, it would bring on a new generation of great political punk. However, I’ve always felt that was a misnomer. Punk bands have continued to rail against the political parties and policies. It is part of what is rooted in the beginnings of the genre and continues to permeate the songs from many punk bands to this day. It is scarier that songs from the infancy of the genre stand pretty accurate to modern day politics. That…

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