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M3F 2022: Day Two

With the first day of M3F under my belt, I was more excited going into the second day. I had already discovered so many new to me musicians and bands that it created a bigger anticipation for the second day. The sun was out this time that added warmth and to that feeling that it was going to be a good day.  As for the festival, it did live up to that growing anticipation and the bar set by the day prior. First of the music would be another solid…

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Guitar Party Power, Confirmed!

Bob Log III is a musician I have somehow missed seeing. He comes from Tucson, so he is nearby and plays Phoenix often enough to catch. He was on a club show that I attended on the inside stage of the Bunkhouse, during Punk Rock Bowling. I somehow missed him then too. Not sure how I have avoided his performances, but tonight was the night to correct that wrong. The night opened with only a single opener, but with the awesome named, Shit Show Duo. This pair of hilarious guys…

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