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Photo Gallery: Overstand at the Beast

Last month I grabbed my camera and ran over to the Beast in Tempe to capture a band called Overstand. The Beast being the nickname for the venue that doubles as Cornish Pasty in Tempe. Overstand is an East Coast Hardcore influenced band made up veterans of the Phoenix punk scene. On lead vocals you got Ben Barnes of Broloaf and Eye Rake more recently. Over on bass, Roy Valencia of way too many to name including Broloaf. Todd Hamilton of Broloaf and North Side Kings over on the guitar. Plus, the drumming monster Ren Bondigas of the Dark Hearts. I figured while I am not out while trying to rest away a long Covid symptom I could throw these shots up and introduce you to one of our newest bands with the shots I took of Overstand’s set at the Beast. Enjoy!

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