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Long Covid at One Year

It is now one year since I first felt the fatigue, thinking it might just be part of a light hangover. Three days after that, it was joined by sinus symptoms and a positive Covid test confirmed. A negative test on July 13th, but the fatigue continued. Twelve months is a long time to be stuck with a change in how one’s body works. That my constant feeling of weight under my eyes, brain fog when pushing through lighter activities too long and, what I started calling, that “brain melting”…

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Telling My Long Covid story to ABC 15

If you’ve been following my content the past five months, you’ll have known I’ve been continuing to experience long Covid and chronic fatigue. I got contacted by Elenee Dao to tell part of that story as part of this story on ABC 15 News. So I’m sharing it with you guys here to additionally check out.

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