A Visit To Mt. Nerdcore

There are shows that are just a magical coming together of musicians. They have artists that when you list dream shows, you put them together. When it gets announced, it is hard to contain that excitement. The Mt. Nerdcore tour is that magical dream show of artists coming together. For the first time on the West Coast, it brings together four of the biggest names in Nerdcore with MC Lars, Mega Ran, Mc Frontalot, and Schaffer the Darklord plus one local surprise. That surprise was Teek Hall opening up the…

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Delving Into Nerdcore: Interview With MC Frontalot

If you have followed me over the the past couple years, you probably have noticed there is this genre of music that I tend to make it out to amongst all the punk rock, ska, and alternative bands I watch. That genre being Nerdcore Hip Hop. It is a genre that I latched onto years ago. The topics touching on dozens of hobbies and habits growing up to this day. That includes video games to computer programming to knowing exactly what it is like to hang on a message board…

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