A Hodgepodge Reward of Music

Locally you tend to see some band mixing on the stages when they share shows. However, it usually is to tracks those bands already perform.  What if you took twenty five members of twenty five local bands, put them into a lottery to make five bands, and had them write and perform three songs plus a cover? You get what Steve, of Psyko Steve Presents, has put together in its fourth year, the Phoenix Rock Lottery. This awesome blend of local talent, music, and genre comes together for a fun…

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Favorite Local Albums of 2016

People like lists I hear, so I’m putting together two. The first of which is to spotlight some of my favorite music released in the past year in Phoenix that I managed to catch. I struggled to keep it a best of ten, so I made it fifteen. I’m sure it may come to a shock for some it isn’t a punk band atop it, but my favorite genre does sit within in a couple spots. Be sure to check out all these artists and catch them at a show…

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