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Best of 2018 – Local LP’s

Now we come to the second of two lists, from listening to over 50 local releases. I posted up my 10 favorite local EP’s from that list, and now comes my top 10 favorite full length albums from the Phoenix music scene. 10. Off the Mark – Aging Disgracefully This is another older band making a return, however I had not listened to last they were active. Their first track screams album anthem with the alternating guitar tones to begin. It leads into quality sung and played tracks. The album…

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The 2017 Top 10 of the Arizona Locals

I’ll say it here, for all the complaints people have for 2017, and I have a couple of my own, the Arizona music scene is strong. They are killing it in this last year. It made my choices tough. Fighting the urge to make it the longest list since 2016, I have cut it down to my top 10 local Phoenix and Arizona band albums. You can see my genre of preference in it, but I’m sure you will find surprises. So without further adieu… Alex Squared “Mexican Fishing Tricks”…

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