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Photo Gallery: Sore Eyes, Sad Dance Party

A small update with this one makes it a perfect photo gallery post. The evening after taking pictures for a friend’s wedding, I swung by Sore Eyes’ house show celebrating the year anniversary since “It’s A Party, Why Not?” I snapped a couple shots of Sore Eyes, Sad Dance Party, and even two with Still Drunk Still singing with Sam. There is no reason they should go without being posted, so here you go!

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They Did It Their Way

This is where the obvious pun, all good things must come to an end probably sits. It was a night where a band who only popped up about two years ago is saying goodbye. However, in this case they are doing it on their terms. The words said through the night make it sound like Exxxtra Crispy benefited members of the band greatly. It helped a couple members through a few hurdles that life before and through the band’s life had presented to them. With the help of a lineup…

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Artist Spotlight Concerts 

Artist Spotlight: Sad Dance Party

Sad Dance Party is a band that sounds like it pulls influences from a few directions. A listen to their brand new album, Spontaneous Human Combustion, reveals this immediately. It kicks off strong with “Airplane” opening up with a fast pace and high energy. The vocals from Peter give me Sean Bonnette, of AJJ, and Jello Biafra vibes. It is that higher octave pitch and occasionally fast paced singing found on the new album. Their faster tracks like “Fade to Black” and “Passion Tinn” completely remind me of AJJ and…

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