Playing To Their Fans

Album releases tend to fit into a certain mold. They usually involve getting together with a band’s friends and playing all the new stuff off of that album. Although in this case, circumstances changed that. We found ourselves with an entire locals showcase to celebrate the new Authority Zero album. This night there was a familiar cast in front of them with Torn at the Seam, Nomada, Madd Dog Tannen, and Good Boy Daisy. This genre spreading cast did a superb job to lead up to one of my favorite locals in Authority Zero.

The first is a band that has evolved over the years, Torn at the Seam. This is the most consistent lineup I have watched perform with their consistent lead singer, Todd Liby. To his left this night was the always talented bass man and sound engineer, Jeremy Daniels.

Then to his right, there was man known as Saxy Tuff rocking one of the best saxophone skills in Phoenix. Their sound of music is a punk rock mixed with reggae. However, since adding Saxy a couple years ago it has brought out more of a ska vibe in the reggae tracks. Starting a trend through the night, they would be joined by Captain Squeegee front man, Danny Torgersen. Overall it leads to a solid performance from Torn at the Seam.

Following up them was another regularly occurring opener at these shows, Nomada. This cumbia and punk band is fronted by the highly skilled guitarist in Oscar. Josh and he move around with animated performances. Aaron, of Mr. Incommunicado, is becoming a regular addition to their sets on saxophone. Though their stage presence only grew as they played. Scotty, of Inept Hero, joined for additional guitar later on.

Between that and two percussionists, this has to be the largest of the bands this night. One thing I always enjoy about Nomada is Oscar’s persistence to get the crowd involved through dancing, clapping or chanting a certain word. This brings me to say it was another successful Nomada set.

Next was the suavely dressed Madd Dog Tannen. This is a band that since first watching them have grown and improved. Their on stage movement and enthusiasm shines up there. Their sound is only getting tighter. I say that even with a minor hiccup in their bass wireless receiver causing issues a song in. On top, they used this night to perform songs off of their newly released EP.

This included another appearance of Danny, of Captain Squeegee, who performs appropriately on the “Ska-Song.” Another excellent gesture was getting the young guitarist, Logan, stage time with them too. Madd Dog Tannen continues to become one of the premiere local bands to go watch live.

Last before Authority Zero was a younger band I haven’t caught in a little bit, Good Boy Daisy. Their music is a little more of the traditional rock and roll and alternative rock. It is clear that since the last time I saw them they are growing more comfortable on the stage. They are moving around more, engaging with their audience.

They are certainly showing how happy they are to be performing these songs. Another appearance of the Captain Squeegee alum, Danny, was during their set as they introduced him as “Danny Phantom.” His horns joined them for a song with Danny’s enthusiasm not waning one bit from all these performances. This was a good energy that Good Boy Daisy gave to go into Authority Zero.

Finally it was time to celebrate the release “Persona Non Grata” and Authority Zero did something a little unorthodox. While most bands for their album release will traditionally go through performing the entire album live, they bucked that trend. They played songs from their deep catalog with only a couple of the new tracks in the mix.

This surprise appeased many in the crowd including myself. Hearing songs like “Superbitch” and “Mexican Radio” for the first time live in a few was a delight. The band was their always energetic self. It brought the things that only add to their performance, like Dan’s almost ballet like jumps while on guitar and Mike Spero’s Michael Jordan like tongue sticking out with that bass playing. To that same line, Jason was once again fully interacting with the audience and feeding off of their energy. On this night, Authority Zero gave me another album release show to remember.

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