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Every Show Joe Says Go! 12-21-2018

A holiday weekend for most, and maybe even family in town. Got some live music options to entertain during it

Friday 21

  • Chickenheads’s Punk Rock Holiday with AG Session, Birth of Monsters, Two Bit Johnies, and The Mental Code at Time Out Lounge
  • Break the Robot with Analog Outlaws, Ghost Cat Attack, Turn Zero and Danielle Durack at Rebel Lounge
  • Thee OhNo’s, Funerelles, The Necronauts, and the Rebel Set at Yucca Tap Room
  • Jimmy Gile’s Birthday Bash with Harper and the Moths at Chopper Johns
  • Shady Park Ugly Sweater Party with Something Like Seduction, Sunset Voodoo, Scattered Melodies, and Bob Rabbit
  • Ugly Sweater Party with Paper Foxes, Taco Sauce, The Psychedelephants and DJ Rad Dude at the Bonus Round
  • “Presents” with holiday music from Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, Whiskey Kiss, Bacpac, Voodoo Swing, and more at Rips

Saturday 22

  • Punk Night with American Standards, The Dead Beat Hymns, Those Kind of People, Girlblood, and Orenda at the Grid
  • 3rd Annual Izik Rivera Memorial Show with The Declaimed, Birth Of Monsters, We Might Be Wasted and Blasphemous Inebriation and Joey Moreno at Chopper Johns
  • Yuletide Fear Punk ‘n Metal Bash with Aggressive Expression, Skeleton Army, Crank Lab Explosion, We Steal Copper, and more at Joe’s Grotto

Sunday 23

  • Iji, Bed Bits and Diners at the Trunk Space
  • Mossferatu, Alonewulf, Goldmonki, The Woodworks, The Psychedelphants, and Darkness Dear Boy at the Rhythm Room

Monday 24

Tuesday 25

Wednesday 26

  • Phoenix for Yemen Benefit with Snailmate, Ghost Cat Attack, Break the Robot, Sydney Sprague, House of Stairs, Allhumans, Solomon Trio, and more at the Crescent Ballroom

Thursday 27

  • Pretty Years, Ben Anderson and New Chums at Valley Bar

Friday 28

  • Critical Miss Album Release with Skull Drug, Birth of Monsters, and Bordertown Devils at Rips Bar
  • Yipee! tour kickoff with Red Tank!, Fat Dutch, and Diego Maximiliano and the Summing Orchestra at a House Show
  • Ponies reunion show with Treasure Mammal and the Sweaty Palm Trees at the Trunk Space
  • KWSS 93.9 5th Annual Guilty Pleasures with Break the Robot, The Banter, The Woodworks, Sydney Sprague, and Turn Zero at Pho Cao
  • Fuck Off 2018 with Panic Baby, Captive Cooks, and Humble Living at Rogue Bar
  • Fred Green with Manic Monkeys at Arlie’s Bar and Grill
  • Sunday at Noon with Grey  Joy, Alistair, and DS1 at Pub Rock Live
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