The Last Day Of Punk Rock Bowling 2017

The last day of Punk Rock Bowling turned into the one I knew most the prior three years. It would start with security check before entering the main stage. I was told my camera wouldn’t be allowed in. They didn’t stop me the prior two days, but it was deemed my camera was too professional with the security for today. I took it as this was the universe telling me to go enjoy Punk Rock Bowling the way it should be. By that, I mean that I drank for about twelve hour straight, moshed, and just enjoyed hanging with friends more on this last day. As for the pictures you are going to find, the ones from the main stage were captured with my phone. Meanwhile, the shots from the Punk Rock Karaoke club show are with my camera. I was fortunate enough to get the photo pass to cover our Phoenix locals, Playboy Manbaby, on that bill.

The other disappointing part of that was I wouldn’t get to take camera pictures of my friends in the Quitters, who opened up Monday’s music. I’ve known these Vegas locals a couple years now, always amazing dudes. I first met them when they made the trip down to Phoenix for a show. In that time I’ve managed to finally catch Micah in all three bands he plays in, and the pleasure of staying a night at Marc’s house.

Their energy up there seemed like they were undeterred by the big stage. The Quitters were full of character and energy as they played. They took advantage of the larger real estate, moving everywhere on it. The Quitters put on an excellent set up there in front of newcomers and their own scene. It was awesome seeing them up there on that big stage.

Roadside Bombs were the guys to follow. These dudes were high energy and of the ‘Oi!’ punk variety. Punk Rock Bowling tends to theme the Monday line up around the same sub-genre as that of the headliners, today being Cock Sparrer. They brought their A game, and it was excellent. They are another new band discovery for me out of the festival.

Since the day was more relaxing and alcohol, I ended up hearing, but not always near the stage for every band. I didn’t get any pictures of Wolfpack, but was back at the stage for Lion’s Law. They were another intense, high energy performance on stage like Roadside Bombs. Their lead vocalist was probably on every part of the stage at some point during the set.

I hung nearby the stage for the guys of Booze and Glory after that. The biggest standout thing was they were one of the only bands I saw with an English accent. They made the trip from across the Atlantic for Punk Rock Bowling. They were pretty social with the audience. They talked about how they are against racism and other political topics. I enjoyed the entire package of what they put on for a set.

I spent Discharge’s set talking with friends and drinking, but then returned for one of the highlights of my Punk Rock Bowling, The Adicts. Not only that, but without a camera, I enjoyed my newfound freedom to be in the mosh pit again. Drunk and moshing just goes hand in hand on how to make a great Punk Rock Bowling experience. The Adicts put on their usual set of theatrics and punk. A few surprises with this set, such as bouncing Adicts beach balls and, at one point, a gigantic beach ball. They managed to catch some of the streamers they tossed out on the rafters of the stage. I had a blast moshing and moving for them.

After some food, found myself back in the circle pit for some of Pennywise. Their set just kept the crowd energized and moving. I swear they always have the most people backstage of any band I’ve watched. As per prior times, all join them on the microphones when singing “Brohymn.” I’m not the biggest fan, but that was an enjoyable set to catch.

Last up for the main stage was one many waited with anticipation to see, Cock Sparrer. These guys play with a flair to them. You couldn’t tell they had a crappy day prior with the performance they put on. Due to complications with their airline, they didn’t have most of their instruments yet put on this great set. Cock Sparrar did a fantastic job up there.

That said, since every club show had some overlap and I had to grab my camera, I had to leave a little early to catch yet another Phoenix local on the Punk Rock Bowling bill, Playboy Manbaby. This is actually their second appearance, after last year they were Greg Hetson’s surprise band of the festival. This set was a little different than the ones I catch here in Phoenix. There were a couple songs I don’t recollect hearing them play live that often or at all.

Their character and personalities showed though. As people came in from the main stage, you could tell Playboy Manbaby was grabbing attention. You could see they were comfortable on that stage, as animated as any other show. There is a reason these guys rank in the top of my favorites from the Phoenix scene.

The other band opening up for Punk Rock Karaoke is a perfect complement to the bill, Tartar Control. The band consists of Robert and Sean, dressed of the Latter Day Saints, with their Mexican built robot. They play some of the hardest punk I watch, with Robert intensely singing into the microphone. Once they are singing though, Robert is everywhere from the floor of the stage to the hands supporting him as he crowd surfs and sings. You wouldn’t guess this type of music by their appearances, but it is another part of their appeal.

The other part is their personalities and skits through the set. Not only do we have two guys dressed up, they are acting the part of Mormons. We have witty banter and conversation, including with Robot, between songs. Tartar Control is an experience I highly recommend to everyone.

Last up was the traditional end to most people’s weekend, Punk Rock Karaoke. This night we had the line-up of Steve Soto, Stan Lee, Greg Hetson, and Darren Pfeiffer playing music and back-up vocals for our participants. Second song in we had our first surprise, Shawn Stern, jumped in to sing a song and thank everyone. If unfamiliar, this is one of the men to thank for putting together Punk Rock Bowling, plus for BYO Records and Youth Brigade.

Then most of the set was a couple friends and others doing mostly pretty good jobs singing their favorite songs. We had a guy actually jump into the crowd, and crowd surf off as he sang the end of a song.

Plus two friends of mine went up there for a song, the first being Eric, of PEARS.

And the second friend being Nick, of the local Phoenix band Jack the Cat.

Once Nick finished, I took that opportunity to move away from the stage, grab another beer and close the tab. Once I turned around, I was greeted by the other big surprise. Not only was Shawn back up there, but Fat Mike moving all around that stage. I had to quickly turn my camera back on and snag a couple pictures of what became the coolest moment of Punk Rock Karaoke for me. The night would continue on with some friends, running into Greg Hetson, Whitney, of Days n Daze, and Greg Lee, of Hepcat. I didn’t make it back to my room until about 4:30 AM. That capped off another fantastic Punk Rock Bowling experience for me. I can’t wait to see everyone next year to do it all over again.

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