They Put the Dent in Twin Ponies

New Year’s Eve isn’t the only night that brings out a bunch of great music. The Eve of New Year’s Eve brings out just as much fun. I went over to Yucca for the awesome dudes in Dent and Twin Ponies releasing their new split. They know how to book a show, because Bear Ghost and Sonoran Chorus brought the energy too.

Sonoran Chorus right off the bat hits you with this punk energy and alternative indie sound blend. This is the perfect show opener if you’re looking to make sure people are paying attention from the start. I went in thinking Bear Ghost might bring the most energy of the night, Sonoran Chorus rivaled them. I liked both times I’ve seen them, and hope to see them more.

Bear Ghost, one of my top favorites in the valley, were next to the Yucca stage. I debate if this is the smallest stage I’ve seen them play on, but they still bring the energy to growing crowd of the night. Filling in for Andrew was Jared, who has played some with Frequis and filled in before for Bear Ghost. I’m still under the impression he has just listened to Bear Ghost enough, that they could play any song without any practice. Another great set for these local guys.

Then we switched to one of the two main bands of the night, Dent. This was my first time catching them live too. Dent is an alternative and melodic rock. The similar sound of music makes them a perfect complement for their split with Twin Ponies. Dent’s lead singer Josh was the mastermind behind projecting from VHS tapes onto the stage too. It was a great performance from these guys tonight.

Right after them was the other half of the two bands of the night, Twin Ponies. These guys are another awesome band I’ve caught a couple times. In addition, I regularly run into Wayne and Jacob at other shows. Their sound similarly a melodic alternative, but I’d say they come out with more energy than Dent. Twice we saw Jordan drumming hard enough to knock one of his cymbals off the drum kit. Wayne brings the humor with every exchange he has with the audience. You can tell they are having a ton of fun playing, with most of Twin Ponies smiling throughout the set. These guys are awesome people and enjoyable to watch too. The whole night could be described as the same.

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