Tiny Space, Large Amount of Folk

There is a lot of great music that I get out to. One that hasn’t seen anytime on this site since it launched a few weeks ago would be the Folk Punks. The Pueblo, one of the smaller local venues here, played host to this genre’s energetic group of music fans and musicians. I don’t know how much holiday was in this “holidaze” show, but there was great music.

First up is one of my favorite young punk musicians, Diego Galvan. He got the crowd moving right away. With the pit in the small space, people occasionally hit his microphone out from in front of him. Garyn is the normal fixture for Diego’s sets these days equipped with his washboard. Diego had his girlfriend, Jayne, sing their song and went out on “Why Do Blue Birds Fly?” If you haven’t checked him out yet, I urge you to at minimum check out his Bandcamp.

Leonhardt followed him up as the duo of solo artists lead off this show. He started with his banjo, and ended with cigar box guitar. A great mix of folk and blues mixed. It felt like he played the shortest set of everyone this night with about five songs. I would have been happy to hear more.

The Blood Feud Family Singers followed that up. Daryl Scherrer on lead vocals, with Douglass Berry on drums, plus both Marc and Mark from Haymarket Squares playing their respective instruments. The Blood Feud Family Singers are a good blend of the upbeat bluegrass with a western and Country leaning. Watching Mark play guitar is an additional pleasure too.

Right after that, setup in the other room of the Pueblo, we got our folk punks from the East, Breaking Glass. The one familiar face to me was Gray Alldayo, who I’ve seen play in My Pizza, My World prior. It’s a similar sound, with a fast ragtime style in it. This one our local scene musician and fan, Sarah Amstutz, got to play with them too. Their fast energy was enough to get the crowd moving for the entirety of their set.

Closing the night turned out to be one of my favorites of the night, the Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee. I’ve seen both members playing this night separately, Andy Warpigs and Dylan Starks, but never together as a band. Dylan has a great voice put to some great songs. His banter exchange with the crowd, and mostly Travis James, was great. In addition, this would be my first time seeing Andy drum. The funny part of this was he was wearing a percussion instrument the entire time he sat behind the kit. I can’t wait to catch the Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee again next year.

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