A Rebel Riot At the Yucca Tap

This was a night to remember at the Yucca Tap Room, rather part of outside the Yucca Tap! It was a great mix of locals and touring bands, bringing out more people who could fit in the regular venue. It sure doesn’t hurt that the headliner is one of two bands I’ve put in ink on my skin. The weather was perfect, and the PBR was flowing!

The show kicked off with No Gimmick, and the charismatic Johnny Gimmick doing what he does best. Some of the best banter of bands in the night came from No Gimmick, with their great cast of songs I’ve heard from high school years to now. Though no Judy in site for tonight’s set.


Then a short walk outside to catch Paul’s second to last set with LightSpeedGo. This didn’t put any damper on the set as they played with the energy and sharp sounds I’ve grown used to. This is a band that must continue on, I just will miss Paul playing in it after their New Years Eve show.


The continuing back and forth of the show was making sure I’d burn those beer calories off, and from the outside was basked in the pink lighting over the Venomous Pink’s set! Tonight’s set included the lineup we’ve seen in the band over over a year with Corrie joining them on stage. Sounded as good as they usually do. The growing crowd was getting into it.


Back outside for the most cardio of the night, as the 2 Tone Lizard Kings kicked off our first ska set of the night! While the crowd was growing, it seemed this majority punk line up left us with less inclined people to start up that skank pit. I took it on myself to get people moving, and to some success! This is where the weather was great for outdoor cardio, and those that joined in the skanking were awesome.


Between catching my breath after 2 Tone, and Russian Girfriends, I didn’t catch their full set. What I did catch was great, and they had some of the better banter of the night too. After one of their songs promising us they aren’t a Christian band, and their lead vocalist laughing saying that’s a good one. Great sound to them, and a great couple songs that I managed to catch!


Onto one of the most exciting bands of the night, with Broloaf going all political on us just in time for the election! We had our Hillary and our Drumpf, I mean Trump, running around the stage as they went into their traditional PBR pouring and confetti flying set. They got the crowd moving outside, and it was just a blast to watch! Here’s a band I hope I don’t have to setup too much, but if you have never caught a Broloaf show you owe it to yourself to make to their next!


Running back inside I was treated to one of the most energized, and fun sets from Western Settings! This was a band I just heard for the first time this night too, and they delivered such an amazing set. Their set was one to keep me to the end it was such an enjoyable band. Add them to the list of bands I want to catch whenever they are in town!

The Bombpops were the next awesome band outside to catch. This is my third time catching them, and I still think they are one of the best bands to watch. A lot of fun, and a lot of energy. If it weren’t for Red City Radio coming up and limited space inside Yucca, I would have caught the last ten minutes of their set. Regardless, there’s some video above to check them out for yourself!


Back inside for one of the two longer sets, the band that had the most energized group of people inside Yucca this night. The crowd was moshing and moving to Red City Radio, returning the energy that the band brings with them. Such a fun time inside watching Red City Radio, and even high five the Bombpops as they came back inside from their set to catch what they could of Red City Radio.


Finally the night came to my second favorite, only to NOFX, band ever to come on and play the smallest stage I think I’ve seen them on. They didn’t disappoint, rolling out the other great banter of the night. They clearly knew the crowd they were playing to when “Plastic Cup Politics” was the third song on the setlist. Other oldies were on it including “Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts)” and a personal favorite “Look What Happened.” They even touched upon the latest album with “Good Enough.” The set was awesome, and they all know how to play to a crowd. Roger making my night, and I still tried volunteering to be the lady that danced on stage if it could get me on stage.

Great night of music at the Yucca Tap and hope the next one isn’t too far away. Until then, checkout the video of LTJ and image gallery below!

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