Fea and some American Killers in the Night

Still working on the format here on the second post to the site, and doing it listening to the Fea self-titled album. Last night’s show was a blast, a mix of punk rocks plus one that I’m happy they got a chance to pick up the show.


Right off the bat, this show started off with harder bands, the first being Deathride. These guys had their lead singer donning a Batman cape too. I loved watching their guitarist the most. Deathride’s lead singer alternated between the regular punk sound and the screaming of the hardcore over the excellent play and set the tone with some great between song dialogs.


Corky’s Leather Jacket was another band to continue the harder punk of the night, making my blind adventure into the show wonder what the rest of the line-up was. These guys were tighter on their lyrics and play than Deathride, although I was more entertained by the guys in Deathride.


The moment C:28 hit the stage was when I was actually finishing some wings between sets.  The first impression through the door between the two Yucca bar sides was an Offspring vibe. That was a little deceiving once I heard the rest of the set. This was one of the best discoveries of the night for me. C:28 is a fantastic Arizona band from Prescott that I just found and full of energy. It didn’t hurt that their bassist had the Brandon TBR shirt. Hoping they get put on more shows down here the coming months.


Prefacing this, I had known of a Girl in a Coma, but have only listened to a handful of their songs before this and never listened to Fea. This is such a fantastic band to watch, and full of energy. They had moments of jumping in unison as a band through the songs. A harder punk band than what I have listened to of Girl in a Coma and I loved every song of it. I cannot wait to see them when they come to town again and what music they will produce further.


This was where the show would have ended. Contrary to that thought, we got one more excellent band called American Killers.  I would not describe them as punk but more of the alternative, Strokes style of music. These guys had the unfortunate luck to have their show canceled on them about twenty minutes outside of Phoenix at the Lawn Gnome. They played a fully energized set to the near six or seven of us still around this Sunday evening. American Killers gave probably the best banter of the night, bouncing it off the limited crowd. They expressed their gratitude throughout the set for being able to still play somewhere. They ended this night on such a high note. Threw some referral links to a couple of the bands in the article if you want to check out their music too!

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