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I’d Call This A Mega Tour

There are concert lineups you don’t know how they came together, but you are happy they did. One of the more surprising in the past couple years for me, but makes sense after a minute to think about it, was Reverend Horton Heat, Fishbone, and Strung Out. While not as genre crossing, another three big names I didn’t expect to tour together would be the one from this night with Rise Against, Descendents, and the Menzingers at the Arizona Federal Theatre. More surprising is trying to figure out who headlines…

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Favorite Albums of 2016 From the National Bands

Deciding on a name for this, and how to sort the bands that aren’t from Phoenix, but don’t tour a ton outside of their home towns and states was a little difficult. In the end, I wanted to put an emphasis on the guys from Phoenix so this category covers everyone else. These are bands I will continue to say check them out if you can in 2017 in whatever location you can find them! It got a little tougher to sort through this one. Down to the well-known fact…

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