The Night of Awesome Band Names

Two people can make up a great band. I’ve had this discussion time to time since discovering both the Two Tens and In the Whale in the past two years. While it doesn’t tend to include a bassist, these bands have an energy and garage punk sound that is enthralling. Entering the night, I was actually most excited to catch the Two Tens again. Plus this would be my first time seeing the Dollyrots. What I didn’t expect was the excellent surprise with Shovel opening up. I haven’t listened to…

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Favorite Albums of 2016 From the National Bands

Deciding on a name for this, and how to sort the bands that aren’t from Phoenix, but don’t tour a ton outside of their home towns and states was a little difficult. In the end, I wanted to put an emphasis on the guys from Phoenix so this category covers everyone else. These are bands I will continue to say check them out if you can in 2017 in whatever location you can find them! It got a little tougher to sort through this one. Down to the well-known fact…

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