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Photo Gallery: Escape From the Zoo at Big Surf House

What a time to start getting caught up on photos I have taken. Right now we are show less live, but plenty of online streams by a lot of our favorites. Though while shows were happening and we weren’t being asked to self-quarantine, there was an excellent folk punk show at the house known as Big Surf. In town, we had the Folk Ska Punk band, Escape From the Zoo. Joining them again on this tour would be Marissa, Jesse Sendaja’s sister, solo and this time with additionally with her band, Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists. Opening up with them was our semi-local Whistlepig and the last performance of the band Bad Times under the name Bad Times. It was a blast to see the energy people and the bands brought to the night. Please enjoy the few photos I snapped while partaking of the fantastic music too.

Bad Times



Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists

Escape From The Zoo

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