Concerts To Consoles 

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 47 – Corey Skowronski and Brandon Kellum

Last currently scheduled episode, for a little, of Concerts to Consoles up on YouTube and podcast feeds now! I couldn’t ask for any more positive and uplifting of guests than Brandon Kellum, of American Standards, and Corey, of both American Standards and Life and Limb. Check out as we play Cruis’n World on N64 as a way to still get out during quarantine times and chat.

Be sure to think of SER Soundworks if looking for a place to practice, records, or even live stream yourself in these times as they too are hard hit in these times. As for new episodes, will see if people comfortable recording physically at SER or I have ideas on doing remote episodes. I’m equipped for both so let me know if interested. We shall see if I can find a way to give you guys some entertaining distractions while stuck inside.

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