Hot Pockets and A Farewell

As life goes on, we continue to grow and change. Our interests jump around and with that we tend to make changes to adapt. With bands, that sometimes ends up the case too. When a member of a favorite band decides it is time to make that kind of change. This night was part that, as Mitch performed on drums for the last time with a band I discovered thanks to him, American Standards. Of course, anytime you pair their energy with that of Playboy Manbaby it’s going to be an explosive night. They weren’t even it, as Bonzalez and MRCH were additionally on the bill to make it a hell of a show.

Up first was a band I did not know contained two Jacobs I already knew, Bonzalez. This was my first time seeing the band lead by Damon, lead vocalist and guitar. The other two Jacobs you may recognize from their respective other bands, Twin Ponies and Acne Superstar.

I might just classify it the fastest rock I’ve seen Jacob Lauxman play to date too. Their music is if you took rock and brought in a few folk influences. The smiles on these guys through the performance made it feel like a happy go lucky kind of set. You couldn’t ask for a better kind of feeling from Bonzalez opening up.

Second was a sad, but still fantastic time, as Mitch played his last set for American Standards. Actually, outside of it being mentioned, it felt like the usual high energy set you come to these guys for. Brandon was his traditional, go anywhere, sing anywhere frontman. For reference, I always compare his style to that of Matt Caughthran, of the Bronx. Though this is the first time I recollect seeing their guitarist, Corey, getting more into that move anywhere action. Perhaps it just felt more liberating with his microphone in front of the stage this time.

Regardless, Brandon made sure for one more special moment for Mitch. During a song mid-set, he asked everyone to crowd as close as possible to Mitch for an entire song. This is where I truly learned how hard Mitch hits that drum kit too. A fine farewell from his bandmates and friends in the crowd as he drummed his last set with American Standards.

Following that is a band that I probably mispronounce more than I should, MRCH. For the record, I know it is pronounced like march to pass that long to you. This night marks the third time I have caught the excellent pair that make up the band. T

heir music is a little bit New Wave and a little bit modern Alternative Rock for a fantastic pairing. Calling the sound fantastic is a bigger statement when you realize that includes Mickey juggling guitar and keys while singing lead vocals too. With excellent vocals and a unique sound amongst this collection of bands, it allowed MRCH to stand out from the pack.

Last was Playboy Manbaby in the first of their double header nights of shows. This set was played all the while smells of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets filled the Trunk Space. In traditional Playboy Manbaby style, the crowd was electric. They fed off of the occasional microwaved hot pocket, plus the traditional high energy of the band. Outside of Chad sitting on drums, I don’t think a single member of the band is ever stationary.

Actually, in recent sets it is great to see TJ bouncing around even more. A prime example of this is he leaning into other members while continuing to shred the guitar chords more. With the environment that Playboy Manbaby continues to generate around their shows, it was without a doubt a killer cap on this night at the Trunk Space.

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