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Artist Spotlight: Broloaf

In this artist spotlight, it is one that occasionally brings their own spotlight since I found them, Broloaf. They are a band put together by random chance for a contest. Lucky for us, they decided after the competition to keep these members together to continue spreading the fun.

Broloaf is a band with East Coast Hardcore influence and WWE flair. They write songs mocking the bro culture to the style of that genre. Well performed, as the music experience and talent of the band members shines at any given performance. Live they perform skits that permeate through a night’s set. They tell stories, such as the one I caught years ago where a mom showed up with a newborn baby and between each song was trying to figure out which member was the dad. At their last Patriotic Meltdown show, an annual 4th of July performance, they brought out Captain America to fight Donald Trump. Then they anthropomorphized the Statue of Liberty for the end all fight. With these examples you can see that Broloaf regularly writes and brings stories more akin to that of the wrestling ring of the past three decades. This only adds to their entertainment value.

It is a band that will leave you covered in beer with confetti, flour, toilet paper, and potentially pieces of Lucky Charms being found for months. They are a band I always recommend you go see and that is why I am throwing them into my latest spotlight. Check out the gallery of shots below, as Broloaf said farewell one last time to the Rogue Bar before it shut down at the end of April.

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