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Artist Spotlight: Sad Dance Party

Sad Dance Party is a band that sounds like it pulls influences from a few directions. A listen to their brand new album, Spontaneous Human Combustion, reveals this immediately. It kicks off strong with “Airplane” opening up with a fast pace and high energy. The vocals from Peter give me Sean Bonnette, of AJJ, and Jello Biafra vibes. It is that higher octave pitch and occasionally fast paced singing found on the new album. Their faster tracks like “Fade to Black” and “Passion Tinn” completely remind me of AJJ and Jeff Rosenstock. Then the slower stuff like “Every Particle” give me more of a surf rock and Weezer thought. There is fantastic stuff in their brand new album. I recommend it as one of the best albums out of the local scene this year. Head over to their Bandcamp to give it a listen and give it a purchase if you feel inclined.

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