Warehouses Were Made For Music

Going to music brings you to a variety of places. We have our house shows, the hole in the walls, the bigger venues, and the DIY shows. These DIY shows more often are houses, although they have brought me to a rental space and now to a warehouse. This warehouse gave an awesome aesthetic surrounded by stacks of computer parts and cases. It brought together a variety of musicians with Bad Times, Not Confined, Monty O’Blivion, TOSO, and the Linecutters.

Opening up is the always great to see familiar face of Diego Galvan and his band Bad Times. It has been a little time since I’ve seen Diego perform adding to what made it special.

If you are unfamiliar, his music is folk punk with inspirations from a few other types of punk. Put it in line with more of the Days n Daze and AJJ style. While I missed the first song or two, it was fun catching most of the set. Catching Bad Times put the first smile of the night on my face.

Then Not Confined took the floor space designated a stage. I’m happy to see that they continue to play more and more often. Everything about their performance continues to improve too. From the additional depth of the second guitarist in their melody to overall members of the band are moving around more.

They are engaging with each other more for in performance moments reflecting how much they enjoy this. With the movement, it was infectious on the the audience as they got a few people bouncing and moshing around. Not Confined’s sound keeps getting more refined. Be sure to keep an eye on these gals and guys on future shows.

We had a little intermission from our music, where our host, Jet Runaway, and the Runaway Street Circus put on a little show. The street circus offers multiple types of acts. For tonight, we were treated to their fire act.

They performed assorted tricks, which includes fire breathing and various ways of moving the fire around. If you haven’t had a chance to catch the Runaway Street Circus, be sure to look them up and see one of their next scheduled events.

Following that entertainment, we had Monty O’Blivion performing his last show as a resident of Arizona. His work is a creative mix of sounds, blending electronic with that of guitar and rock. It makes for an industrial, atmospheric sound.

There is no denying it was a contrast to the faster music surrounding his set. Even so, he did a fantastic job at keeping the attention of the audience with this music. This is the best Monty has sounded to my ear since going solo. I look forward to where this keeps going.

Next we were onto whatever adventure TOSO had in store. It didn’t take long to learn the story we were in for. They were a Circus with their assorted entertainers of a mime, a bearded lady, and the strong man. One of the funniest things was the moment they entered a song that involved Marc, our mime, singing.

Once Zac, playing the ring leader, caught his mime singing he would snap his whip at him. This skit went across the set, revealing how disgruntled the rest of the circus was with him. It ended with their assault on the head of the circus. It was another successful night of blending storytelling and music from TOSO.

Longtime local favorites, the Linecutters, wrapped up this warehouse show. This trio brings the hardcore punk and ska sounds to our ears. With those styles are the infectious energy, and the inclination to skank. The moment the first couple chords were played, we had the crowd bouncing around this warehouse. Heck, there were a few people jumping on the small trampoline behind the stack of computer towers.

This high energy and loud music is exactly the type to keep people moving around until the end. The Linecutters once again showing what makes them one of the best locals in Phoenix. With them, came the close to this fantastic Fuck the Industry Warehouse show.

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