Good Reasons To Be In Scottsdale

I try not to be late to a show. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. On the bright side I was able to catch two bands I enjoy. The first band I caught at the New Year’s Eve show in Gilbert for the first time. Our other was one of the first I was watching a few years ago when I started doing what got me the Every Show Joe nickname. The site of this awesome music was the Wasted Grain, my first visit to the old Martini Ranch location.

That first band being the talented musicians of Good Boy Daisy. Tonight, they were doing acoustic, down two members. They did get Zach, of Analog Outlaws, to help fill in. They were smiles most of the set. Just reinforcing they love being up on that stage performing.

Tonight’s set consisted more of covers, but they did a fantastic job with them. Good Boy Daisy has more shows coming up so I hope this gets a few of you to go check them out.

Then there was Miles to Nowhere for my first non-acoustic set in a while. This is the last Miles to Nowhere show for a couple months too, adding to why it was important I made it out. If unfamiliar with them, they probably would be one of the more poppy punk bands I listen to in the local scene. Bringing in Katie a little while back added a great complimentary voice to Kristen’s. Their frequent acoustic sets together confirm it. They actually made sure to include a couple acoustic songs later on in this set too.

Then there was the surprise guest, Lumberjack Cash, playing second guitar for the last couple songs. This is where I will give a plug to his taco truck too, because he makes some of the best tacos I’ve had. It made for a fun night catching up with friends and watching great music.

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