AWS Can Be More Than One Band

The abbreviation of AWS can stand for more than A Wilhelm Scream. That didn’t cross my mind until Adrian, Assuming We Survive’s lead singer, pointed out they have a way to get into their next music video by using the hashtag “#aws” with a selfie with any of the band in it. That turned into a fun conversation after the show with Adrian about both bands, telling me how it is a frequent conversation with A Wilhelm Scream’s online hashtags and they are good friends. This is just one example of the many engagements with friends and musicians last night to make it a fun night.


The band that confused me when I didn’t know they were a band name on the flyer was Sunday at Noon. I showed up on the right night in the right place, but first glances at the flyer had me almost showing up on Sunday. These guys were a strong opening band, with a lot of energy and great rock sound.  They started a trend of me catching for three bands, a shot or two with hair in the air too which you can see in the gallery below.


Following that was Inept Hero a little shorthanded, but it sounded great. It’s my coming to terms with old Inept Hero being gone, and the new harder Inept Hero coming into being. They had a harder punk sound when I first started listening to them a couple years ago, but since then the transition, including in members, has shifted to a harder, almost metal sound. Hearing them perform new songs has me finally accepting it. Either direction, these guys are fun to watch and great at it.


For the second time now since Mitch has joined them, I was catching American Standards. They are of the harder bands tonight too. To put them into a box of a subgenre, it would be a hard punk rock. Brandon, their vocalist, is one of the most engaging people of the night going in and out of the crowd. He would be the one to get the circle pit going, and putting the mic to someone who can sing the lyrics anywhere he was in the crowd or on stage. American Standards are quickly going up the ladder of my favorite bands to watch in Phoenix.


Assuming We Survive make for one of the best bands I’ve seen perform. I probably would put them closer in line with New Found Glory, in terms of their music sound. They are great at engaging the crowd, down to posing whenever they saw a fan recording or taking pictures with their phone. At one point, Adrian grabbed a fan’s phone to record while he sang on stage.


I met the man for the first time before the show not knowing he was the front man for Assuming We Survive.  What was really awesome of him after the show, that he took the time to make sure my friends, James and his wife Jo, and I enjoyed their performance. That brought my respect up for those guys further. I showed up for two of the locals, and walked away from last night happy I caught all four bands.

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