A Little Bit Rockabilly, A Little Bit More

I went in thinking I was catching a Rockabilly show, and I left realizing there was a broader range of music in the Rebel Lounge. The one known quantity of the night of for me entering was Manual Sex Drive, and I simply presumed I was choosing a Rockabilly night for my Saturday. While two were Rockabilly, Whiskey Six gave me a much bigger mix over their hour and a half set.


Off the bat was a great band, Roadkill Wranglers, on only their second show. These guys were full of energy. Their lead singer, Mark, was all over the stage with the microphone. He was always giving kudos to the band from reminding the audience of Jacob’s amazing guitar skills to the other Mark’s, on drums, birthday. Big kudos on covering one of my favorite Rockabilly bands, Reverend Horton Heat, in this set too. From what I was told, Roadkill Wranglers was only supposed to be a one off that is becoming more. That the case means we have another great band in our scene now.


From those guys the show went onto the guys you probably recognize in the pictures as most of the Limit Club, but a little darker, they traded the bass for brass, and Aaron on drums. Manual Sex Drive has Monty do lead vocals with a vintage microphone that he moves around the stage with. They are fantastic and full of energy every time. I don’t care which band I see these guys in plus on drums, both Aaron in MSD and Jade in Limit Club, they are both two of my favorite local bands whenever I can catch them.


To conclude there was Whiskey Kiss, who were doing their album release show for “Retro. Revamped.” When I thought the microphone that Manual Sex Drive used was as close to hearing some old school style of music, Whiskey Kiss disproved that. They play Rockabilly, but they, in addition, have a sound that brings in a mix of old Rock ‘n Roll, some Jazz, and some great Swing music. Whiskey Kiss had couples dancing in front of the stage through their set.


They played a good hour and a half set, energy not showing any sign of dropping. Whiskey Kiss finished with songs that had Niki, their vocalist, singing from the side and on top of the standup bass, and Nick, guitars, and Tommy, bass, up on the bar with their respective instruments. These guys are fantastic and now another amazing local band that are on my radar.

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