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Punk Rock Bowling 2021: Day 3

The last day had finally come of Punk Rock Bowling 2021. It felt like my endurance had improved from the past two and half days on my feet, a welcomed sign. Nonetheless, I was taking on chances and giving my feet and my possible ankle sprain a little more time off to rest. Then it was dashing down to put in a little food and catch the main stage openers one more time to finish this punk rock vacation of a weekend.

The Twits

I heard they were the youngest to ever play a Punk Rock Bowling in its twenty two year history. The Twits are another band that harkens from my hometown of Phoenix too. These youngsters I know from watching their drummer, Recker, jump in on drums during an Authority Zero set and a Pennywise set and continue to make waves in more things over the past couple years. For the rest of the band, we have Camden with a great voice on vocals and guitar while Aiden over on bass. They looked to just embrace being up on stage with an obvious enjoyment playing to everyone. I was happy to finally get to catch them and I already know it won’t be my last time either.

Babe Patrol

Here is a band that I was having a conversation with two friends after The Twits and just hearing it from a distance drew me over to check them out. A friend who saw them at the pool party on Saturday also had mentioned catching them. When I made it over, first impression was a very outgoing and fun lead vocalist Giuliana talking to the crowd between songs. Their music has an edge like that of The Donnas or Joan Jett. I would later realize I was following them from enjoying them stream over the past year too. I’m very happy I followed my ears to watch most of Babe Patrol’s set.

Crazy and the Brains

I mean, what is to say that I didn’t already from watching them at my day two club show? Getting to watch Crazy and the Brains a second time in two days is absolutely an offer I’ll take up.

The Last Gang

This band continues to be a blast to watch and listen to. They all seemed very excited to be taking the PRB stage. Sean, bass, just seemed the most excited up there watching him play bass at more flexable angles and move around that stage with so much excitement. They played tracks old and new. The tracks in the set including the new single “Noise Noise Noise” with Brenna, lead vocals and guitar, teasing the new album to come later this year. They just exuded excitement and enthusiasm for one of the most fun sets of the weekend.

The Schizophonics

While in a period of keeping off my feet, I was catching them from a seat near the water refill stations. They had this sound that was a little like the Hives meet Jimmy Hendrix and stood out to my ears from the bands in this year’s Punk Rock Bowling lineup. They were just exuded personality. They cracked jokes of not sure why they are at a punk rock festival and really had a lighthearted mood up there. I enjoyed it and had to make sure to mention them in highlights of Day 3.


Getting to catch ALL and Descendents in one weekend once again, as I did in 2014, is just a blessing. For who was at the vocals, it was an energized Chad Price alongside the three you know best, Stephen, Karl and Bill. I mean similar sentiments as with Descendents that all members of the band just look to be so happy to be up there performing. I find that just infectious on enjoying any band’s set so much more. I couldn’t ask for much more than this and enjoyed the entire time watching ALL.

Riverboat Gamblers

I can very easily say Mike Wiebe is one of the best frontmen of any bands in punk watching him in two bands this weekend. He just comes out flying and excited for this Riverboat set. He will sing from any space he can find on any stage or off it in the crowd. For me, that infectious enthusiasm from him and the entire band is bolstered with my anticipation to catch them for the first time in a couple years.

This was an event filled set too. A couple songs in he invited a younger superstar, of his own proclamation, to the stage to sing alongside him for a super cool and heartfelt moment. Another cool combination of talents came from the Motherhead cover they released over the last year. Not only was it included in their set, but brought out David Rodriguez, of Starving Wolves and Casualties, to sing vocals with them. This combined for a dynamic duo of two of the most charismatic singers in the genre Honestly, every part of this set just made it one of the best I saw this entire weekend.


My feet were certainly meeting their end and needing rest, so originally took the time to eat and rest for a little. Though again, my ears perked up from the food truck circle to hearing Lunachicks start their set. These are punk rock legends of their own regards. From the moment my eyes met the stage, it was immediately cool just watching Theo Kogan singing around the stage in what appeared to be a bright yellow and pink dress. All of them were dressed in cool attire and colors to accompany their exciting punk rock songs. I was only familiar with a handful of their catalog, but after this I’m a fan and digging into it more since.


The last act of the main stage for this year’s Punk Rock Bowling was Devo. Yes, before you even ask, Devo is punk. Just go look up their lyrics to see their attacks and satirical takes on societal issues that like many songs of the eighties end up still relevant. Additionally, Devo is an experience. There is nothing I’ve watched live quite like Devo. It is a little bit video, a couple costume changes, and just fantastic song after the next with accompanying video backdrops behind them. Mark Mothersbaugh is just so good at being whatever you describe Devo as. Plus we got to see the legendary Josh Freeze showcasing his amazing drum skills in yet another band, playing behind them. Honestly, if I made a top three sets of PRB, Devo would be right after the Suicide Machines and Riverboat Gamblers. They are just that good.

From there, my feet and ankle were calling it a weekend. However, I had one last club show ticket with the Slackers. So I first gave my feet that break they were asking for in the hotel room.  It was about an hour before I went forth on one more Punk Rock Bowling adventure to run over to the show at the Downtown Grand pool deck. It wasn’t nearly enough time for my sore feet to fully recover, but it got me over there with seats with friends who reserved one of the cabana spots. I watched seated as Save Ferris and the Odd Numbers played solid sets. Of course, I couldn’t let myself sit for the Slackers so before their start got up and made one more valiant effort. I managed about thirty minutes of their set on my feet and with a little skanking in the mix before resigning to sit. Vic showcasing his diverse knowledge of bands and genre through the set always continues to impress and the Slackers were the last music for my latest Punk Rock Bowling adventure.

The weekend was exactly what I needed. I made new friends and happily hugged old ones I hadn’t seen in ages. I am humbled by everyone that came up to say hi that know me from my social media and this site. I found a few new bands and enjoyed a lot of known favorites live once again. It was a wonderful time and so happy to get the chance to attend Punk Rock Bowling once again after the past two years between this and my last. I can’t wait to do it again.

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