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A Rebel Open Mic

It’s been over a year since I last took pictures at a venue of live music. The past year and a couple months have presented drastic changes in the way life has been for all of us. Though now vaccinated and I carry my mask around too, I have been edging my way back into getting out to live music. The past year has created points of anxiety I had not anticipated or have experienced like this before. Heading out to the Rebel Lounge open mic has been helpful in facing these new anxieties and in a more relaxed environment. That said, don’t worry about rushing out and go at your own pace that you are comfortable with.  It has been my approach and there is no reason to be worried about not feeling ready to go out yet.  The music will be there for you whenever you are ready and we still have many musicians doing livestreams you can catch at home in the meantime.

As for the open mic at the Rebel Lounge, the stage is filled with talented musicians playing two songs, covers or originals. It has been a wonderful place to run into friends I haven’t seen in a while and see new people playing music I haven’t met before at the same time. To cap it off, it has been hosted by my friend Kim Capria, which you have probably seen performing solo or with her band The Banter, around Arizona for many years now. I took the opportunity on her last night hosting to bring out my camera to snap shots in a live venue for the first time in months. I hope you enjoy the shots and perhaps it peaks your curiosity to head out to an open mic to participate or just be an observer in the future.

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