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Photo Gallery: SkaterCon 5

SkaterCon 5 marks the last live music I was able to capture before we all went into self-quarantine mode. For that, I am happy because it stands one of my favorite events in Arizona. It is wonderful that it was able to go off without a hitch once again this year. That is from the professional skaters to the skating competitions to the live music, it is an excellent amalgamation of things coming together for the sole goal of celebrating skating. This year brought music from McRad, 16, Boneless Ones, MC Intelligence and, who has become a SkaterCon staple to me, Since We Were Kids. In addition, favorite local bands Shovel, Fat Gray Cat, and Ass Wipe Junkies graced the stage setup at the Paradise Valley Skate Park. Hope you enjoyed yourself if you attended and if you didn’t, that these pictures help convince you to check it out next year.


Fat Gray Cat

Ass Wipe Junkies

Bill Danforth

Since We Were Kids

MC Intelligence

Boneless Ones



Shots Around SkaterCon

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