Concerts Photo Gallery 

Photo Gallery: SkaterCon 5

SkaterCon 5 marks the last live music I was able to capture before we all went into self-quarantine mode. For that, I am happy because it stands one of my favorite events in Arizona. It is wonderful that it was able to go off without a hitch once again this year. That is from the professional skaters to the skating competitions to the live music, it is an excellent amalgamation of things coming together for the sole goal of celebrating skating. This year brought music from McRad, 16, Boneless Ones,…

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The Skaters and the Punks

There are conventions popping up for plenty of hobbies and fascinations. The most popularized model is the comic and pop culture convention. Furthermore, it is inspiring fans of other hobbies to organize conventions and gatherings for their favorite hobbies. One of the newer ones to pop up is the Phoenix Skatercon. A convention built around the skater culture, from skills to punk rock. The music brought excellent acts from Since We Were Kids to D.I. However, this whole convention is one that exceeded my expectations. In its third year, this…

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