Punk Rock Duo

Everyone has an opinion. You don’t have to agree with them, but you can listen to their take on it. It is a common discussion that comes up about two piece bands. There are people out there that aren’t fans. They aren’t open to the idea two members can make great music. However, over the past three years I’ve seen a couple now that I feel make the convincing argument for the amazingness that is a two piece band. In this smaller show, we had the two piece of Mobina Galore come through and punk rock our ear drums.

Of course, we still had openers and that was our hard rockers of Skull Drug. If you want me to shed more praise on these guys, I can. One of my favorite local punk band sounds in Phoenix. Skull Drug is one of the most entertaining bands to watch. They have their growing experience reflect in how they play to a crowd. Part of that usually ends with Justin on the ground playing guitar on his back. This Skull Drug set was no different, and a stellar way to open up.

Then it was time for those two punk rock girls from Canada, Mobina Galore. For one, of all the two piece bands I have seen, they usually tend to be garage rock. These girls are straight up punk rock. Right away, this makes them stand out from other two piece bands I’ve seen. Then their stage presence is intense. I know, because taking pictures it seemed hard to get a clear shot of Jenna’s face without it covered in the hair flying forward as she performed. Marcia played strong on drums and a lot of smiles. I’m not sure the next time they will come through Phoenix, but I will make my best effort to catch Mobina Galore again.

I don’t have my nickname for nothing. After I picked up a Mobina Galore album, I made my way to catch Alex Squared over at Time Out Lounge. You have seen an uptick in their appearances on this site of mine, and for good reason. They have a personality that brings humor and energy. They love this punk rock thing they do. It comes across clear to any onlookers. So, without a doubt, Alex Squared was a great way to close out this night of music.

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