Every Show Joe Says Go! 1-26-2018

26 Jan

With this week’s episode, we mark the debut of a theme song created by Tony, of Dumpster Hump. But that isn’t the only reason to go check this video out, because this is an exciting and loaded weekend of music here in Phoenix. I’m excited, so hopefully I see you out there too!

Friday 26

  • Franks & Deans with Alex Squared, Birth of Monsters, and Critical Miss at Time Out Lounge
  • Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh with Yucca Tap Room: Paper Foxes, M. Crane, and DJ KNS, at The Space: Sad Kid, Kill Your TV, General Anxiety, RNA, and Closet Goth, and Lounge Show:  Snailmate, Jet Grind Mobb, and Sounds by J20.
  • Steff and the Articles with House of Stairs at the Valley Bar
  • Troubled Minds, Cement Shoes, Nice Trip and Good Ol Joel at the Cornish Pasty, Flagstaff.

Saturday 27

  • The 4th Annual Hammy Awards with The Dark Hearts, Alex Squared, Mr. Incommunicado, Camel Enamel, Molotov Cockroach, members of Japhy’s Descent, and the original lineup of We Might Be Wasted at Pho Cao
  • Phoenix Rock Lottery with participants including Gabo, of Fayuca, Raquel WIlland, Panic Baby, Mark Glick, of AJJ, Jordan Tompkins of Twin Ponies, Dent, Chuck Morriss of Jared and the Mill, Nicole Laurenne, of the Darts, Brenden McBride of Wyves, Hyperbella, and more at the Crescent Ballroom.
  • Malignus Youth with Dephinger, Phoenix Hooker Cops, The Declaimed, and Mooseknuckle Sandwich at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Punk vs Metal, AZMusic.Org Vs Soundphoria with Some Kind of Nightmare, Birth of Monsters, Hollowpoint Vigils, Atoll, Malo De Dentro, Bleed the Fifth, and Zherra at Blooze Bar
  • Linecutters house show and video shoot with Kill Your TV, Bad Times, and Acne Superstar house show
  • Pot of Gold Local Band Showcase with Mind Upside, Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, Mills End, Christopher Shayne, Sugarwater, and more at Marquee Theatre
  • Exxtra Crispy and Poster Parents dual release show with TOSO and more surprises house show
  • Terra Fractal, Cheeseburger Picnic, Siren and Bard, and Thurston at Time Out Lounge
  • Hostile Work Environment, Zodiac Bash, Paper Foxes, and Snailmate at the Rogue Bar
  • Godspeedball, The Pleasure Victims, Battered Suitcases, and the Sturdy Ladies at Chopper Johns
  • Hippo Campus with Sure Sure at the Van Buren

Sunday 28

  • The Lillingtons with the Two Tens, LightSpeedGo, and The Linecutters at Rebel Lounge
  • Manic Monkeys, Martin Dwayne Page and Travis at the Yucca Happy Hour
  • Adam Ant at Celebrity Theatre
  • Solo Bovine Sighting with a solo Romen Buffalo performance at Good Time Charli’s
  • Jaime, of 1967, at the Highside Bar
  • Carvin Jones Band at the Rhythm Room

Monday 29

  • Prawn with Caravela, Celebration Guns, and Troubled Minds at Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 30

  • House of Stairs at the Lost Leaf

Wednesday 31

  • Anti-Flag with Stray from the Path, The White Noise, and Sharptooth at Club Red
  • Bowcat with The Effects, The Rebel Set, and Moonlight Magic at The Rebel Lounge
  • Badfish with Fayuca, The Banter at the Van Buren
  • The Booze Bombs, with Whiskey Kiss at Chopper Johns

Thursday 1

  • Fundraiser for Ashley and Kids with Adero, Japhy’s Descent, Snailmate, and Banana Gun at Last Exit Live
  • Diego Garcia, Mercy Sakes, Parlor Birds, and Ben Anderson at the Rogue Bar
  • Sun System with Citris Clouds, Shallow, and Soft Deadlines at Rebel Lounge
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