That Patriotic Meltdown

The second half my Independence Day traditions for a few years running is the one packaged with Broloaf. They do their annual Independence Day Meltdown every year, usually the Saturday before or on July Fourth. For one, if you have seen a Broloaf show then you know they bring the boom. For two, you get a package with great bands joining them for the celebration.

This night was opened up with an old familiar, Skull Drug. It was their usually high energy, fast paced set. Though this year with a special guest in town. Steffen, from Terminally Ill, had been hanging in Phoenix since the joint tour ended. He jumped on to contribute some vocals and his unique character to the stage. That included, a great set as usual from Skull Drug with the usual end of Justin playing guitar on the floor.

After them was a newcomer to my local band repertoire, No Year. This was the set that had me questioning volume levels at Yucca. These guys play hard and loud punk rock. This continues Ben’s streak of continuing to book bands with guys I just heard of at a Broloaf show. No Year is a band that rocks. Add them to the growing list of bands I try to go catch.

Next was Old Fashion Assassin, a band I have been happy to get to see more frequently in the past couple months. These guys are a little punk rock and a little metal. You can tell from the instrumental sections in their songs the Metal influences. That, and Derrick just has that head banger’s mentality when he plays. Old Fashion Assassin is a great band to catch and glad I’m doing it more often.

Last up were the guys putting on the free barbeque up front, Broloaf. If you have never seen a Broloaf show it is an event. It brings with it confetti cannons and a plot. Yes, you read that, a punk band with a plot. This year was about Broloaf selling out to Trump, at least, until they had an intervention from Coach. They brought with them a new candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus a crazy fight starting with Trump versus Captain America, and ending with the Statue of Liberty taking down Trump.

The ridiculous plots you get from Broloaf are just part of the entertainment. The rest of it is punk songs mocking the Bro culture. PBR was flowing and the mosh pit circling. This is one of my favorite environments to be in, holiday or not. If you have never seen a Broloaf show, be sure to go check them out this month with Murphy’s Law

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