Blind Discoveries

10 Aug

One of the merits since the Trunk Space started the Indie 500 was catching new bands. You can show up for a known band, but stick around until your eyes won’t stay open. In that time you see a large mixture of genre. You see bands you never knew the name of that stick in your memory as you leave. Good Ol’ Joel is one of those bands I first saw at the 2016 Indie 500. One thing that stuck with me was their guitarist made a skateboard into his pedalboard. As my list of amazing bands grows, I don’t always get to catch everyone I’ve enjoyed. However, this night was a chance to catch Good Ol’ Joel again. They opened up for Naturalist and The News Can Wait.

This was a more unique set for Good Ol’ Joel. They were down members, so it turned into a two piece acoustic set. For a further twist, their drummer was the guy playing the second guitar. These guys when a full band plays more of a rock and punk rock. Meanwhile, a couple of the songs played had the pace and sound of punk rock. Nonetheless, the acoustic set brought with it more of a folk type of music. If you have never seen Good Ol’ Joel play, you should take the opportunity to next time you see them on a flyer.

I actually took a conversation break for most of the second band, but returned to standing by the stage for Naturalist. While I’m not deeply versed in the genre, this sounded like an example of a solid emo band. Their lead vocalist, Ashton, gets into the emotions and lyrics as he performs. He was on the ground and all over that stage showing it. Not my normal listening, but a pretty good set from Naturalist.

Last up was the News Can Wait. These guys probably the most rock of the night, in the traditional sense. Given the broad stroke of music from bands I had seen up to this point, I didn’t expect it. They played more of a prog rock or alternative rock. I could see some emo influences, and made sense why Naturalist would be a perfect tour mate for them. The News Can Wait put on a fantastic set. Once again, I went in to a show blind, aside from Good Ol’ Joel, and left finding more terrific music.

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