There Was Cake

I know a lot of Gemini that love music. The next of the June birthday shows was for my great friend Tommie. This one was packed full of friends in bands and her boyfriend, Donnie, opening up in We Might Be Wasted. Unfortunately, I was wrapping up the last of the Punk Rock Bowling pictures and arrived late. But knowing Donnie, I’m sure it was awesome. If it included that speedo again, then my eyes were spared something too.

Since I arrived late, I ended up starting the night off with the high energy of Skull Drug. The first thing I noticed, Evan got a business cut and no more mohawk. I figure that just comes with trying to fit one into a tour van for the one they kicked off with Terminally Ill. Another cool moment of the set was Nick, of Jack the Cat and Ham, jumping up to sing vocals while Roger stood on an amp. While I missed a part, what I caught was another great Skull Drug set.

After that was the triumphant return of the band Ham. The last year their few performances were just doing Dead Kennedy’s covers as they searched for a drummer. However, for Tommie’s birthday they returned in full form. This included a chance to win a pre-baked ham at the end of the set. Also, this included their famous “moshnata.” Although, there was a twist on what the piñata was for this show. While on a stick for the mosh pit to destroy, it turned out to be a real cake.

That wasn’t all, as for a prior year they did a game called Pin the Dong on Donnie. This year they debuted pin the tits on Tommie, with Donnie our lucky participant. Let me not forget that in addition to all of that, we were treated to new songs such as the one about the curse of Travis Hansen. I missed seeing the true Ham for so long. Happy to have Ham back performing.

The rest of the night went more rockabilly and psychobilly, starting with the exciting guys of Creepsville 666. This is the second time catching them with their new bassist, JD. He looks to be settling in well. JD appears to be more comfortable leaning into the bass and toward the guys whenever they moved to him. Plus we had the Venomous Pinks in the crowd ensuring there was a pit for this set. Always a fantastic time with these guys and what a great band to help celebrate a birthday.

Last up was the Limit Club and Miranda’s debut playing for them. Unfortunately, things sometimes have to change, but with the bad comes the good. The good being that Miranda is getting another band to rock out to that I know she loves. Of course, she is not alone in people wanting to rock out in the Limit Club. That entire band was smiles and clearly enjoying their time performing. I am almost one hundred percent sure it is hard to get a bad shot of Nick Feratu or his hair being slightly messed up. With the Limit Club, that wrapped up a fantastic set of bands to celebrate a birthday with.

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