The Good Folk

There’s nothing like good folk and acoustic music. Tuesday night was a mix of some I’ve seen before, and some I haven’t, expanding the list of musicians I like. I discovered Ike Fonseca and Ghost in the Willow, and catching the talented Chip Hanna and Leonhardt once again.

Opening up was Leonhardt, who from the sound of it was driving back that day to Phoenix. Lucky for us, we got to catch him play a set. He plays with a guitar and drum box like Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold locally do here. He has a great singing voice. Plus the second guitar he brought out, the metal acoustic, was a treat on the eyes. Leonhardt puts on an excellent set, so be sure to check him out when he plays.

Following up that great performance was a man who knows who I was, but I had not met in person yet, Ghost in the Willow. Gil, our acoustic performer under the name Ghost in the Willow, surprised me shortly in when he mentioned me by name. I hadn’t met him in person so I was flattered and quickly trying to figure out if I had met him before. He put on a great set of music there as Ghost in the Willow. Plus a great sense of humor between songs.

Next up was some awesome music out of Portland, Ike Fonseca. He brought with him a partner on mostly a cigar box guitar, with a little harmonica. This duo was fantastic. They just bolstered this amazing lineup of folk muisc. He’s been through Phoenix a couple times, and wished I’d discovered him sooner. Though now Ike Fonseca is on my list of artists to catch when I see them on the calendar here.

Last is a man respected highly across multiple genres, and a great guitarist and drummer, Chip Hanna. Joined by the man he likes to call Dapper Dan on fiddle, plays a country and honkey-tonk mix of covers and originals. The dynamic between those two is perfect and hilarious. They are clearly on the same wavelength of thought during sets. Chip closed out on a favorite cover of mine, “True Believers.” This made for a fun and relaxing night of music.

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