A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll, A Little Bit Horror

It isn’t often I see the same out of town band twice within a month. When they leave a great first impression though, of course, you will find me back. Redneck Nosferatu were rolling through town once more, this time at the Yucca Tap Room. They were joined by Buried in Red, Creepsville 666, and the great punk icon, Chip Hanna.

Opening up were the fantastic three piece, Buried in Red. This night being my first to capture them closer with a camera, I noticed more about them. Aaron is intense and animated when he sings. Jay likes to move around with that standup bass, occasionally leaning it out over the edge of the stage. He strums it fast enough that my camera captured hand ghosting on a few of the images. Plus Nils is full of smiles while he hits those drums. It was a solid set of Rockabilly from Buried in Red, which held us over for a little break to give some people at the Damned a chance to catch this show.

After the little intermission, we were treated to the fantastic Chip Hanna. Most people will know this punk legend for his drumming with great bands like One Man Army, TSOL, and U.S. Bombs. To top that resume, he is an excellent acoustic musician. He plays a mix of covers and his own songs with a country sound. He was joined by his regular fiddle player for the later part of the set. Chip is animated, flashing smiles when he can, and not afraid to stop when there is a buzzing noise through the amp. He treated us to about an hour of music, closing out on an excellent cover of “True Believers.”

He was followed by the Rockabilly band I probably see the most, Creepsville 666. Tonight was the first night with their new bassist, JD. He was no slouch, only going on three practices and doing a solid job. Once he settled in, he was just as animated and moving around as Geno, Matrick and Johnny always are.

A cool thing about tonight’s set was that it ended with Chip Hanna joining them on drums. He was all smiles, clearly enjoying every moment of it. It was cool to see Chip drumming tonight, and the Creepsville 666 set ended in a highlight of the night.

Last up was the horror punks that I enjoyed a bunch over at Time Out Lounge about three weeks prior, Redneck Nosferatu. They brought up the intensity in the room right away. This boosted by the sound system of Yucca, certainly louder than it was at Time Out. In addition, they kept up the humor and great personality on stage. Another cool combining of the night’s musicians was bringing up Geno and Matrick to sing some NOFX. Once again, I enjoyed Redneck Nosferatu’s set. While it may be more than a couple weeks until next I see them, I hope to be in attendance again.

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