We Came To Party

Not every show can be described as partying. The party aspect is dictated more by the personalities and the music. This early week show leans heavily on the party with a few dozen new acquaintances and friends’ aspect. From that alone, there is a great enticement to attend a Piñata Protest show. The lineup was the same as the last time they performed at Yucca, and continue to be great choices to be part of this party.

First band and change of the night were Whiskey and the Barrels opening up. Original to be second, but people running late ended up making them take the first slot. It was a good choice, because within a couple songs they had a few people dancing and moshing. This band of Celtic Punks knows how to bring a performance. Whiskey and the Barrels was the only other band to have an accordion beside our headliners. They only reinforce that they combine for a great set of music every time.

Up second with the continued shuffle of musicians ended up Andy Warpigs. This folk punk musician was more entertaining with the larger crowd. The audience gave him more people to bounce his remarks off of. At one point he took requests for cartoon character voices to imitate, which turned out mostly Southpark suggestions. He brought Bryan, from Dadadoh and Exxxtra Crispy, with him for drumming duties. Bryan would dawn his shirt as a hat while drumming later on. This was one of the best sets I’ve seen from Andy.

Third would be the most complimentary setup men for the night, Nomada. Their brand of music is a mix of cumbia and punk rock. Many of their lyrics are in Spanish, although I’ve listened to them so much to memorize a few without knowing the full meaning. Oscar Rock is stepping up his game, more energy and more character to his stage presence. Josh is settling into the bass role well. Nomada did an excellent job up there, and got the crowd shaking some booties in the process.

Last up was a band, Piñata Protest, I first saw at Punk Rock Bowling and love each and every time I have been lucky enough to see them live. They are a bit punk, but with a cumbia blend throughout a set. Speaking of charismatic lead singers, Alvaro does an amazing job up there. Multiple times getting the crowd involved, thanking friends and cracking jokes. This entire band is littered with personality and great talent. I still argue they make the case that every band is better with an accordion.

Their happiness was infectious on that crowd too. Piñata Protest managed the biggest, most active mosh pit of the night. The set itself was a blast too with a couple of surprises. One of those standout moments was an audience member wearing a piñata dress and hat to the show. Turned out to be her birthday and Alvaro managed to get her into the center of the circle pit for a song. They brought up people to dance near the end on stage, while spelling out Spanish for what I don’t actually believe was saying “Love You Mom.” Piñata Protest always puts on one of the most festive and high energy sets. Between them and the crowd, this had to be one of my favorite sets catching them.

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