No Trick For JT’s Birthday!

Tonight was one of those nights about being with friends and celebrating a birthday. It just happens that JT has some super talented musical friends to celebrate with. Over the years he has been putting on great shows in Phoenix, helping get local musicians in front of the eyes and ears of more people. You can see the awesome cake that Kristin made for him too. Plus he is one of the tallest people I know. Let’s start this write up off with a Happy Birthday JT!

Opening up the festivities was one of the hardest working people I know that plays music, Mr. Johnny Lee Gowans. He has opened up stages for big names doing his solo thing. Tonight, like most the musicians tonight, were a mix of his songs and covers. I’d say Johnny shines best singing his own songs. Showie, of Ethan 103, joined him for percussion on most of the set. You can catch Johnny opening up big stages and small stages most weeks, so seek out one of his shows. You will love it.

Josh Williams was up next, and brought the most accompanying musicians of the night with him. This is where I wish I took notes to remember the names of those who joined him, outside of Showie. Josh went between guitar and banjo through the set. He plays a good mix of songs that I would describe as a blend of folk and bluegrass. I’m pretty sure I have caught Josh before, but I do intend to catch more in the future too.

Last was the Jimmy Roca. This is a guy, like the rest, who is super nice if you get to meet him. I first saw him at the O’Kelleys open mics on Sundays, and didn’t know what loops were. Jimmy is the one who showed me that night, and after, how well loops can be used to produce some awesome songs as one man. Though his solo stuff isn’t the only way you can catch him, as he has the band Heavy Steps too. You may have seen them at the last Oktoberfest in Chandler. Regardless, he played an awesome set of his own and covers followed by an encore after a short break. A great musician to close out the birthday celebration, and once more happy birthday to JT!

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