Blind Surprises

I spoke of never going to a show blind just a couple days ago, meanwhile, tonight I did it. With a invite from my friend Danielle and only watching a link to a Demon in Me song, I went in to see what great offerings there were to be found at 51 West. What started and ended acoustic, turned into a great mix of alternative and acoustic sounds ending on Demon In Me.

Up first was a gentleman who goes under the name Midway Heights. While he mentioned that his recorded stuff is a little more electronic and pop, he played a great set of songs on that acoustic guitar. These ones about girls and romance like those recorded songs. Popping over to his Soundcloud, it is a different sound from the mix of piano and electronic sounds, but the subject matter the same. He played a great set to open up the night.

From there was an awesome musician that goes by the name, An Empty Orchestra. This one man band uses loops to create the extra sounds needed for his songs as he plays along on his guitar or saxophone. He created a great mix of audio, layering guitar loops under his own and singing. When I see loops done well, it is a feat I love to watch. An Empty Orchestra was a great surprise to see.

From here was a full band that their name alone exemplifies my opinions growing up in Phoenix, they are called Damn The Weather. The four piece incorporates a violin, Sam Mitchell, into their excellent alternative rock sound. I’d be failing you if not to mention their unique drum kit that includes a plastic wrapped cajon for their base drum. It comes together in a good sound that I want to see Damn The Weather play more.

Onto Mr. Cory Wells, who plays some emotionally powerful songs he has written for his acoustic performance. He touched upon some personal moments, which included a story about how he used to play in a hardcore band and a song written for his unborn son due to an unfortunate accident to his girlfriend at a show. Even the song he ended on just came off strong on the emotions backing its lyrics. This man might have stolen the show for my favorite artist I heard tonight.

Closing out the night was our other touring artist, Demon in Me. This was a two piece for the acoustic set, though regularly a five person band. The minimal drum kit and acoustic guitar were enough to be fun to watch. They brought an alternative rock sound, and their personality just added to the fun between songs. Learned about new places you can have Wifi during this set. This was a excellent all around show put on here.


Alas, I discovered that Ethan 103 was playing feet away at the Yucca Tap Room and my night of music wasn’t at an end. The shows aligned perfectly, as I made it for the second song and rest of Ethan 103’s set. This local punk band is some of the most energized guys I watch on a stage. Just for examples, the last song they ended on both Showie sharing his drum kit with the drummer of 24 Thorns while Wayne stood on the amp continuing to play. You have some of the best talent in the valley in this band, and the nicest guys you can meet. I would escape to an order of wings after, but happy to end the night watching some great friends.

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