Good Transitions and Punk Rock

Open up your writing with an attention getter. That’s the normal writing structure expressed to us through the public education system. Make it relevant to what you’re going to write about in the next couple paragraphs. Hit on the topics you are going to discuss in this paragraph. This is usually the hardest part to jump start. Now that I got that out of the way, the show last night was another great mix of talents gracing the stage over at the Rebel Lounge.

Up first was the Emo band, Welcome to the Midwest. I call them Emo after discussion with their lead singer, David, about what genre they were. I would have put them more into alternative or progressive rock band at my first listen, but he was here to educate. He said they used to be a punk band on stage, and their Facebook page still says they are. Their front man is one of the friendliest and most entertaining people I talked to last night. So I hate when I have a criticism to state, but the higher chords in the vocals were certainly not the strongest of the night. These guys have heart and a love for what they do, and I love it. I may not have known what real Emo music was going in, but now I know who to check out again when I want to hear some.

One of the best local musicians in the valley, and friend, Kim Capria and her band, The Banter, were next. Kim is one of the first people I met when I was getting back into regular music going a few years ago. She has bolstered her already talented voice with a band of great sounding guys. The Banter played a song that I remember more from many times seeing her perform it solo. It reinforced how the band strengthens the sound of the excellent music she writes. They have a superb southern rock sound to them. I hope to make it to many more shows of The Banter this year.

This was LightSpeedGo’s first show with their new bass player, Ben Funke. I know I can’t get away without discussing it because I think this is the first band member change most people have seen since watching the band. He played in a band, the Ultramatics, with Rico prior so a dynamic already there. It is clear from the start that the way he plays bass is different in style and in sound. The bass sound is not as prominent in the music tracks as it was before. A few other takeaways included that backup vocals in the song “Sinner” either had me misremembering when they were, or there were less tonight. That JD is pretty funny when he gets more mic time too, like over the slower process of changing instruments. It has only been a couple practices since Ben joined so I’m sure it will tighten up more and more in the next couple shows. All I have to ask for is more JD on stage banter going forward.

Lastly we come to a band I’ve been watching for about ten years now, Go Betty Go. There was a break in the middle there, but the first time I saw them was playing an Edge 103.9 MXPX acoustic show at Martini Ranch around 2007. Talking to Betty, I actually learned that was the tour that started the long break until they reappeared back playing about two years ago. This all girl band includes a pair of sisters, singer, Nicole, and her sister, Aixa, on drums. This high energy, move around the entire stage, bilingual group of punkers is a blast to watch perform. Their songs include a mix of English and Spanish vocals. Go Betty Go played some of the newer stuff they put out two years ago, and some older favorites of mine like “C’mon.”  They are super appreciative band for the support the fans give them. I look forward to hearing their new stuff that Nicole mentioned during tonight’s set.

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