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Different City, Same Skatercon

They say a change of scenery can do you well. For Skatercon 6, that meant heading to an entirely different city for the first time in Tucson. The five past prior ones have all been held in Phoenix. This time, we were about an hour and a half south with Mt. Lemmon in our backdrop at Santa Rita Skatepark. Skatercon in a different city did what it does best loaded with bands and skaters, local and touring. A little bit of technical issues playing into it made our Phoenix local…

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Good Transitions and Punk Rock

Open up your writing with an attention getter. That’s the normal writing structure expressed to us through the public education system. Make it relevant to what you’re going to write about in the next couple paragraphs. Hit on the topics you are going to discuss in this paragraph. This is usually the hardest part to jump start. Now that I got that out of the way, the show last night was another great mix of talents gracing the stage over at the Rebel Lounge. Up first was the Emo band,…

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