Some Kind of Nightmare on Friday the 13th

Tonight was another gathering of good friends for music, though this time it was some we don’t see as often. Some Kind of Nightmare has been awesome enough to be coming to Phoenix to play shows and make a lot of great friends in the process. During this time Molly faced one of the biggest challenges of her life, breast cancer.  Not only did she beat it, her and her husband plus bandmate, Chy, kept doing what they love playing and writing music. They are two of the strongest people I’ve met, and continue to live their dreams to some of the highest levels. They are remarkable people, and the show and friends out last night just reinforced that.

The show kicked off with the guys in Corky’s Leather Jacket. The last time I saw these guys, it was in front of Fea, but they didn’t seem to stand out to me. Tonight, they brought more energy and were having more fun on stage. I felt like I missed something the first time they played, because this set was awesome. I enjoyed everything from their jokes, to the political nature of their songs, and their covers of GBH and Reagan Youth. I got a laugh out of when they joked about the old punk bands they were covering. Corky’s Leather Jacket played a great set and are a band that bounced back onto my radar.

Right from there we went into Chairbreaker. The opinions on them from people I’ve talked to seem to be somewhat polarized, they either like them or they don’t with no middle ground. Since Ryan Quinto has joined that band about a year ago, they have only got better. He has taken over on lead vocals. From what I could tell, he is writing a lot of the music too. Speaking of a second look, this group of crust punks is worth a second look for anyone who wrote them off.

Then taking the stage was We Might Be Wasted, which per discussion with Creepy Don, may be the most covered on this site in its early infancy. I think Bowcat may be the other band I’ve seen the most since starting it up. There’s a chance you already know what I’m going to say, but I do like watching the snarky comments each set. Song dedications that bring humor with them, like one dedicated to Sad Kid, who has somehow found Creepy Don racist, to playing a song about a mutual friend of Molly and the band, Travis Hanson. In addition, watching Gus’s face during the set was one of the most entertaining parts of the night.

To escape this article without the anecdote that Don told the crowd, probably a sin. Don and I were hanging out by the bar before the show. An older woman walks by, steps on my toe, and then turns to say “Oh, I’m sorry I stepped on your toe. Do you want me to suck your dick to make up for it?” After a pause, I declined, and she went on her way. Don and I just looked at each other, and then started laughing at how out of the blue that was. However, that didn’t prevent this from the most talked about story of the night.

Onto better topics, our friends Some Kind of Nightmare were the headliners of the night. If you haven’t heard them, they are a fast paced, harder punk rock out of San Diego. Chy moves around that stage with such enthusiasm and energy, leaning into that microphone for every set of lyrics. Molly, his wife, showed why they are the best compliment to each other with almost the exact performance style too. She was rocking probably the most down to earth hair style since I met her a couple years ago. These guys are amazing punk rockers, and even more amazing for doing it after conquering what they have had to so early on life. If you have never caught them, make sure to next time they are in town. Also head over to their BandCamp and be sure to check out their great music too!

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