A Night with Choking Victim

That was an exciting night, and capped off with an awesome Choking Victim set. I was in line around 7:40, ten minutes after doors and Linecutters started. So I first must apologize to the Linecutters for missing tonight’s set. You guys are awesome every time I see you. Please go check out their music!


I did manage to get in before Sad Kid took the stage and they had that crowd engaged from the start. The pit only grew through their set. Kyle later went into the crowd near the end with pool noodles for the crowd to “let out their stress.” This was also the first time I saw Travis James in the band, which he did great on stage with them. Only thing that left the band is the trumpet, like it did from their prior band name. It didn’t make a difference as their set was excellent tonight. It looks like they won over some new fans.


Rats in the Wall are the band I had never heard of going in, and going out you can call me a fan. I call them the hardest band of the night. There is a familiar face on guitar, Brad Logan from Leftover Crack, with Eva Hall on main vocals. They kept the crowd energized and going in the pit. A similar political message came from Eva between some songs. I really enjoyed them, a great match for the energy of Choking Victim.


Tonight was the first time I’ve seen Choking Victim live, excluding seeing members in Leftover Crack live, and they didn’t disappoint. The crowd was the most full of energy I’ve seen at the Nile, opening up more than one pit. I caught view of a chick that was bleeding from a crowd surfer to the face early in the set. The main stage wasn’t immune to confrontation as a dude who ran on stage wrapped his arms around STZA, who immediately pushed him off. Alec followed that up, pushing the dude to try to get him off the stage and eventually a punch to the back of the neck. They apologized right after, as the dude was kicked out. The set went on for a good hour. Choking Victim followed it up with what I counted to be a five song encore. Don’t quote me on that, because STZA threw off my count the more he talked about if people would mind skipping over tracks and changing the number they were playing next. They did skip two tracks off of No Gods/No Managers, but played a lot of other awesome tracks from Squattas Paradise and the Crack Rock Steady. Overall, just an awesome night with some exciting moments I don’t always see at other shows.

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